Sunday, June 28, 2009

King of Pop is dead & Transformers 2




Heard the news last friday, havent got chances to express what i’ve felt trough my blog. Cant believe what i heard last friday, the king of pop is dead. I grew up with some of his song, Billie Jean, Thriller,You’re not alone,they dont care about us and so much more. He is one pop idol that no one can replace. Rest in Peace Michael.

Enough of sadness, last friday, got chance to watch transformers 2 : revenge of the fallen which is for two days in a row trying to get the ticket from Star Cineplex. All i can say is, full of action, explosives bla bla bla..which is wow!. thumbs up to the Director, Micheal Bay. oh anyway, there will be Transformers 3 in 2012 stated by the director

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AmirFX said...

haha... Sgt setuju ngn kau... Owhh. Dah da duhal sequel cita ya??! Sik sbr juak ehh... Tuk mok beli tiket setahun awal ehh.. Haha...