Sunday, July 27, 2008

Times Magazine cover

Hahaha, Shahrul jangan maree aiee......(dont be mad aight!)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Do I look good in the magazine?

when boredom struck.
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hahaha, made the cover from
feeling too lazy to make one from Photoshop!

The X Files : I want to believe review

As I promised you earlier, i will give out my review on X files latest movie (I want to believe)

a bit disappointment as this X files movie, is not up to what I expected,less paranormal activities, but more on medical tales which it seem to be the plot of this X files movie

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson performance a bit loose on this, but they still had that X charm as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully although their are not FBI agents anymore.

The storyline are quite flat, but not making you bored if you're fan of the series, but if you're not, This movie isnt the movie for you as it will make you a lilttle bit confused first when watching it

Overall its okay and yeah its watchable!

Wedding promo

Wedding Photography sample,(Kuching Based Photographer)

For more info please call : 012-8567610 (Rudy)
014-3944183 (Rizal)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Old Pal

Nik Muhd Asyraaf with his wife Dian Khadijah binti Parcho
Photo own/captured by adiewarna (rosli)

After reading Madam Shima on how to search long lost friend or family thru the internet (google), Well, I decided to try ot out.Searching an old school pal that transfered to Peninsular Malaysia long time ago.Type his name on Google search engine and voila, i found his wedding picture.Immediately I contact the photographer who photographed him thru email asking Nik contact number and what a lucky try, the photographer who took his wedding picture is also his friend! give out his phone number and i called Nik, and yeah he surprise receiving a phone call from old pal.
Anyway, to Nik Muhd Asyraaf and his wife, I wish them happy always and come to Kuching Sarawak lah..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Big Apple Donut

tunggah jak tok brita lamak, aku tok outdated kah, ku sik duli!

lamak juak ku ngintei nak makan donut big apple tok baruk langsung tadik, berapa lamak dah outlet ya bukak rah The spring nun. Kamek orang tok ney brani makan Donut RM2.60 sigek, makan donut besa-besa jak nok 20 posen 30 posen sigek ya...

skali donut tok masuk lam mulutku..apuhhhh...nyaman duhal....patut sidak gila meli donut tok...ish..asa ketagih nak meli lagik donut tok...isk isk...

rega 2.60 sigek...boleh lah...mun ari-ari meli 6 egek buleh kupak juak wallet aku...haha..gus ku makan roti keben jak..

oklah...ya jak...laporan brita ritok...wakakakkaka

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


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HDR 3 Exposure captured from Sarawak River Barrage. I just love sunset

p/s : Dedicated to Salmah whose at Newcastle UK

Tea Session with Ted Adnan

Finally, after admiring his work for a long time, i got a chance to meet Mr Ted Adnan himself !...
he give some tips about taking a good photos and yeah some talk on camera. Really friendly person and yeah...he's the man!
for those who doesnt know who Ted Adnan is, here's some link

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Movie Review : Hancock


Cast :

Will Smith : John Hancock

Charlize Theron : Mary Embrey

Jason Bateman : Ray Embrey

Jae Head : Aaron Embrey

Hancock premier on Malaysian Screen today 3rd of July 2008, as usual I went out with friend watching the premier at STAR Cineplex Kuching.

Hancock, hmmm, you might wondering, why not fancy superhero name given to this movie, It just using a simple person name as a movie title.The movie tell us a superhuman who can fly, heal fast etc which is Will Smith potrayed in this movie.

Unfornately, not unlike any other superhero, Hancock is an alcoholic, bad tempered hated by the people until one day he met Ray who whom he save from train that trying to crush him.Ray tried to change people perception what people hate about Hancock and turn him into lovevable superhero.

rest of the story you can go watch yourself at cinema near you.

overall Will Smith potrayed Hancock well,A ++ performance and also Charlize Theron but a simple plot in this movie, making it a bit loose but it is acceptable and i do enjoyed it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dedicated to Shahrul Razid kat Reading

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Ku nak ngerepak lam bahasa sarawak lok...

haha.time ku ambik gambar tok, feel asa asa kat luar negara la...wakakakak...mejin jak lebih aku tok eh...

xpa..ada rejeki lak aku akan sampei juak lak.....

Dedicated to Shahrul Razid kat Reading