Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bila Jurugambar bertemu (When Photographer met)

IMG_1616 copy


Lokasi : Reborn Photography Studio

Macam nilah bila jurugambar bertemu dalam studio fotografi. penuh gelak ketawa.

This is what happened when you asked a Photographer to pose. hehe

Sunday, November 22, 2009


What i’ve done on saturday?



Meet jamie, my sister favourite cat. The only cat survive after that bloody male cat came from nowhere ate all Jamie siblings.

Anyway, above is an example of available light photography. the secret to get that super radiant good looking picture is, use adobe lightroom and you have to shoot 2/3 under to get that properly expose and increase the brightness and contrast.

You can try it out on human/non human subject.



Miss Kiki

This should be a strobe project with Leika Gago Photography, but instead using wireless trigger, umbrella and softbox with flash, I’m using street light to lit up the subject. Same principal with Jamie photo above, shot 2/3 under and adjust it with Adobe lightroom and a minor tweak with the contrast and such, voila!

And off course to get that bokeh (blurry background) i’m using 50mm prime lense with aperture F1.8


Ok thats all folks.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Picture of the day : Ceko

jeti (Large)

25 April 2009

This place has been torn down due to the development of Kuching (The waterfront Extension).


p/s a bit busy lately. stay tune for any update

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Movie Review : Astro Boy

Freddie Highmore (Toby Tenma/Astro boy)
Nicholas cage (Dr Tenma)
Bill Nighy (Dr Elefun)
Donald Sutherland (President Stone)
Eugene Levy (Orrin)
Kristen Bell (Cora)
Nathan Lane (Hamegg)

Directed by : David Bowers

Produce by : Maryann Garger

Release date : 23 October 2009 (US release date)

“you may not be Toby, but you’re still my son”

That was Dr Tenma said when he finally accepted Astro as his son

Base on Osamu Tezuka Tetsuwan Atomu or Mighty Atom which is a successful TV series and manga for some times now,. Astro boy a robot boy who was created by Dr. Tenma with his son image (Toby Tenma) which he thought it can replace his lost son who died in military experiment. Programmed with Toby memories from Toby hair DNA and powered with the blue core that Dr. Elefun created, Dr Tenma thought the robot will be 100% behave like Toby but it has different personality and he reject him after he realize, it remind him his lost son.

Astro embark on a journey to find his place in the world and finally, he was accepted by all and also Dr. Tenma who realizes Astro is still his son.

I know, some of the big fan of the series and manga are quite disappointed with this Astro boy movie, Personally I think, the storyline is acceptable for a movie and, Astro/Toby do remind me of Jimmy Neutron character. Eventhough its not the same as Astro Boy series or manga storyline, it is still Astro boy who we knew.

Acceptance, rejection, friendship, loyalty, humanity and love is how I describe the movie in words, and it do make me emotionally attached same way as I watched Pinocchio and Steven Spielberg A.I .just dismiss that political thingy that also incorporated in the movie.

Image quality for Astro boy are stunning, color, movement are good, and I believe Imagi studio will be next Asia Pixar and its on its way there.

The voice actor are superb congrats to them, especially Freddie Highmore who provided the voice for Astro/Toby. It do suits the image of adolescent character he voice in but somehow I found in the movie he’s trying too hard to pronounce American English.

Hopefully there will be a sequel for this movie, and it is highly recommended for you to watch.

Onward and Upward!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Night @Kuching City

satok nite

Satok Panorama (actually i have to boost to ISO 3200 to get faster shutter. some tweaking in adobe lightroom and Photoshop, voila!)

Satok malam ari lah, sik banyak motor lalu, ISO boost 3200, ator sikit-sikit lam Photoshop ngan Lightroom alu jadilah sigek gambar.


Merdeka Palace @nite from Sarawak Museaum (ISO 100, 30 Second exposure)

Gambar merdeka palace malam ari, dari bukit rah muzium sarawak ya bah.


Central Police Station (ISO 100, 30 second exposure)

Balai Polis central, ku kat depan opis resident ku ngambik gambar tok.


Satok Light Trail (ISO 100, 30 Second exposure) mind the smudge on the lamp as i didnt notice any smudge and I realize it after i put my camera in the bag.

Satok malam ari, ada kotor sikit rah lampo ya eh, rah lense ku kotor sebenarnya, sik ku prasan waktu ku ngambik gambar tok.

All picture was shot with CANON 40d with 18-55 IS kit lense with some cheap tripod.

Gambar diambik pakei CANON 40d dengan kit lense ajak, sapa madah kit lense sik cukup bagus sebab murah gilak, ku nampar kei kit lense..huhuhu. mun dibanding ngan lense L memang la jauh gilak beza, macam langit ngan bumi. so, sebagai jurugambar, ko kenaklah maksimumkan penggunaan alatan yang sedia ada walaupun ada limit.