Thursday, July 24, 2008

Old Pal

Nik Muhd Asyraaf with his wife Dian Khadijah binti Parcho
Photo own/captured by adiewarna (rosli)

After reading Madam Shima on how to search long lost friend or family thru the internet (google), Well, I decided to try ot out.Searching an old school pal that transfered to Peninsular Malaysia long time ago.Type his name on Google search engine and voila, i found his wedding picture.Immediately I contact the photographer who photographed him thru email asking Nik contact number and what a lucky try, the photographer who took his wedding picture is also his friend! give out his phone number and i called Nik, and yeah he surprise receiving a phone call from old pal.
Anyway, to Nik Muhd Asyraaf and his wife, I wish them happy always and come to Kuching Sarawak lah..


Det said...

Duhal, dh nikah duhal miak tok. Padah gn nya, aku madah nya "buang batu"...btw, kimsalam jak gn miak ya

Shahrul said...

aiiihh nik duhal, hahaha, terselap aku kenangan form 2. kim salam juak ngannya, pande ndak gik kah kakar swak.

ps: sik puas ati tok, tang semua jak urg dah nikah

Rudy said...


pandei sikit2 jak nik tok kakar swk..x pandei benar gilak macam dolok...