Thursday, July 3, 2008

Movie Review : Hancock


Cast :

Will Smith : John Hancock

Charlize Theron : Mary Embrey

Jason Bateman : Ray Embrey

Jae Head : Aaron Embrey

Hancock premier on Malaysian Screen today 3rd of July 2008, as usual I went out with friend watching the premier at STAR Cineplex Kuching.

Hancock, hmmm, you might wondering, why not fancy superhero name given to this movie, It just using a simple person name as a movie title.The movie tell us a superhuman who can fly, heal fast etc which is Will Smith potrayed in this movie.

Unfornately, not unlike any other superhero, Hancock is an alcoholic, bad tempered hated by the people until one day he met Ray who whom he save from train that trying to crush him.Ray tried to change people perception what people hate about Hancock and turn him into lovevable superhero.

rest of the story you can go watch yourself at cinema near you.

overall Will Smith potrayed Hancock well,A ++ performance and also Charlize Theron but a simple plot in this movie, making it a bit loose but it is acceptable and i do enjoyed it.

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