Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sarjana Kampong

Good Day everyone,

Its been  while I'm not updating for the longer entry here on the blog. Well you guys might wondering whereabouts is Rudy. I let you guys know, in a detail down below.

I've been busy with this project Sarjana Kampong (Village Scholar) Our(Akureka)  first full length film with Permata Entertainment base in Indonesia. Been giving the commitment with this film from end 2012 and now Our first ever movie is going to be release in January 2014 in Indonesia.

As you guys know, dedicating my time with Civil Defence , Photography and now film making, take most of my time from updating my blog. I love what am I doing right now eventhough it is time consuming.

You guys might wondering, do you still doing any wedding photography and videography?. The answer is yes, but in a limited slot. You can email me at rudyiskandarphotography(a) for enquiry and bookings.

It is still long way to go, hopefully all our hardwork will be paid off next year and yes, we will have more film coming your way, Insya Allah.

I see you guys in the next entry detailing more about Sarjana Kampong.

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