Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wedding Photography

A lot of question been asked to me. why I never published my Wedding Price List anymore on this blog or even on My facebook page. The answer is simple, if you want my service, you have to ask what is my price that I offered. We guarantee you,the price given is aaffordable.
Another question that is always come in to potential client mind, Rudy Iskandar Photography must be charging high premium price for the potential client. The answer to the question is, if you dont ask, you will never know the price.
Anyway, the Wedding photography package is still available. If you want to ask and book the specific date for your wedding day Photography, drop me an email at rudyiskandarphotography(a) gmail.com 
Thank you for choosing us to capture your precious moment on your special day.
Rudy Iskandar Photography

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