Monday, May 17, 2010

Last Saturday

Last saturday, went to Sarawak Cultural Village to shoot some of the contestant for Miss Fair and Lovely 2010. The weather quite gloomy that day, but i doesnt stop us to shoot the pageant.

Fun and tiring with friends here goes the picture shot using available light


One of the pageant. The file are unedited.


The above picture, was edited. add some tone, to jazz it up


One of the Cultural Village worker at the Malay House

The beatlessssss copy

This shot was taken by Rahiman Madli.


Ms Tikot said...

Stail juak ganbar last ya ;-)

tErOmPaH bIrU said...

Haha.. last shot ya kreatip!! besttt :) teringat ngan lagu Pok.. Pok.. Pok.. Bujang Lapok.. ehekk ;D

AmirFX said...

Haha.. aok ehhh.. Alu teringat lagu Bujang Lapok... Nway, nice picchaa...

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