Friday, June 13, 2008

The Green Heights Mall

Another Shopping mall open for public today here in Kuching, The all new Green Heights Mall situated at BDC, near to Kuching International Airport awaits you to come in.

well you can check out some picture here, (Chinese Cari forum)

and their respective website here :

or you can check out the thread from catscity forum here :

here's the image from by one of the forumer name webbie

havent got time to visit this new mall, i will update you if i got a chance to see this new mall.


Been there in the afternoon, nothing much though as its really new. Up there is some pix that i took.


oon said...

waaa. hebat la kuching kinek tok, vagga ku aiih

Rudy said...

hehe..rindu kau ngan kch owh...well keep jengok blog aku ada info baru tentang kch yang ku engkah...