Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pasar Gambier aka Cheko (Gambier / Cheko Market) Final Hour

In the picture is Cheko in the final hour before being closed by the authority.Cheko / Gambier market which is situated next to Kuching waterfront is build since 1935.
All the Hawker are now relocated to the new market at Stutong (near the BDC). The purpose of relocation is to build the new waterfront extension and yeah, to beautify the city itself.


oon said...

aiii cheko dah dmusnahkan kahh.. aii chemmni tuk, sik sempat ku nak ngabas nya be4 ku gi huhuhu

Rudy said...

yeap pok

tiada lagi...bila kau balit ke Kuching kelak it will become a new place!..the waterfront extension.