Monday, June 16, 2008

Upcoming Movie : The Mummy 3 : Tomb of The Dragon Emperor

I didnt expect this 3rd movie will be made after the The mummy returns (2001)

Do I like the movie? oh yeah I love it a lot, this is one of the movie in that is certainly in my watchlist for 2008. The Mummy 3 will be premiering on Malaysian screen i think on 31st of July 2008 (according to cinema online) and I will be bringing you review after watching it.

Brendan Fraser (Rick O Connell), John Hannah(Jonathan) will reprising their role for this 3rd installment of the franchise but unfortunately Rachel Weisz turn down the offer to return back as Evelyn in this 3rd film and she is replaced by Maria Bello for the part.

Alex O Connell will be played by Luke Ford (I think its better if Freddie Boath reprises his role once again but he's looking too younger though) but hey the producer knows better. :D

Jet Li is in the movie also, and i do expect lots of fight scene will be around!. Anyway, looking forward to watch the movie soon !

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