Friday, June 6, 2008

Up, Up and Away

Since the fuel hike on 5-06-2008, prices of consumer good going up like mad.

a packet of maggie noodle (c0nsist of 5 pack) is now RM4.50 per pack compared before the fuel hike RM3.60, (alu kenyang ku nanga rega ya)

Everything going up, nothing is going down and i have to cut a few things for now as if i continue, it will burn a deep hole on my wallet and some headache will occured

1-no more lunch ( just taking one meal a day)

2-No more airconditioning ( safe a bit of fuel)

3-No more outing (unless if that is really important)

4- Considering to quit my study (pity, what to do mate, i cant afford it as i using my own money to fund it.

That is some of the drastic action that i have to take..(Sigh!)

Oh by the way, you can read up Tun Dr Mahathir comment on regarding the fuel hike issue

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