Friday, August 1, 2008

The Mummy Tomb of the dragon emperor review

Brendan Fraser back as Rick O' Connel in this 3rd installment of The mummy franchise. Tomb of the Dragon Emperor cast include, Jet Li, Maria Bello and Luke Ford.

Tomb of The Dragon Emperor set back in China where, Alex O' Connell who now is already grown up, discover the resting place of The Dragon Emperor who are evil and cold hearted Emperor which was cursed by Zi Juan (Michelle Yeoh) becoming a teracotta statue along side with his army. Their plan is to conquer the world until Zi Juan stopped them.

For centuries, the tomb was guarded by Lin (Isabella Leong) (which is immortal) daughter of Zi Juan until Alex O Connell discover it without knowing that he was funded by General Yang(Anthony Wong Chau Sang) and Roger Wilson (David Calder) who planned to awakens the mummy, completed the task conquering the world.

Jet Li performance as the Emperor Qin is quite ordinary but yeah the martial art skills is amusing me till now. As he become the awakening mummy, is quite awkward to see him on screen as the mummy character (not that kind of Egyptian mummy). but he does the job well.

Maria Bello as Evelyn is not quite dissapointed at all. It felt like Evelyn has evolved to more matured character from the previous movie and she did potrayed the character well.

Newcomer Luke Ford As Alex O' Connell potrayed the character well, not dissapointing at all. eventhough i still rather felt that Freddie Boath should reprises his role.

Explosive, revenge, family issue is what you will expected to see in this movie and it is highly recomended to you who have been waiting for 7 years! for this sequel!

Go watch it at the cinema near you.

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Patrick Roberts said...

Sounds like Tomb of the Dragon Emperor was a lot of what most people expected... Brendan Frasier tries too hard to act, so you can tell he's acting