Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ampang Medikal

Cast :
Diana Rusdi
Nor Aliyah Lee
Nasrizal Ngasri
Azhar Sulaiman
Julia Ziegler
Chelsia Ng
Jagdave Singh
Louisa Chong

Just watch 2nd episode ampang medical (local tv drama) all i can say is this "more like localize version of Grey Anatomy".

Good attempt for producing such tv show for local viewer but the producer need to improve on some aspect

1-emergency scene (2nd episode) looks very dull!, we need some emotion people! to make it real, eventhough its only a drama.

I think thats all, as Only I've seen 2nd episode of this drama.

p/s : I wonder if they introduce a character that similar to Dr. House (grin)

1 comment:

doff said...

ya, ya, i saw it last week..about 20 minutes..being a big fan of GA, this ampang med is definitely a TURN OFF..ya allah..perlukah molah GA versi m'sia?? sik perlu mek asa..dah la lakonan ujuk keruk..kakya location ya xkedak spital..ala bilit kelas di ngkah katil dgn besi pakei ngantong aek ya..ehhh boh nangga eh..nyuroh ati panas jak..(aihh emo alu mek tok) erkk