Wednesday, December 31, 2008

40 minutes to 2009

Finally, 2008 almost come to the end, and 2009 will come in 40 minutes (as i typing this blog) quiet new year for me as i spend it alone with ASTRO and Streamyx. no barbecue, no friends around.

Anyway, a lot of memories in 2008 and yeah, bring forward those resolution which i cant accomplished. For a few things that are beyond my control in 2008 i have to let it go, not proceeding it to the year 2009.

Anyway, Happy New Year to blogger friends and friend who are reading this, and have a great time and thanx for reading aight

By the way my 2009 resolution is

1-be a useful person
2-be a good person
3-be a better man
4-earn more money (same resolution every year)
5-Try to slim up a bit
6-bla bla and the list go on

anyway happy new year 2009.


edzura said...

Happy new year Rudy!!! Samalah kita tok selebret depan tv nangga astro dengan laptop sambil online. hikhikhik

Hardy said...

Happy new year Bro. Bila lah ada tambahan resolution untuk org bujang tok.
Ada TT session by KFK maok join kah? ada dlm forum

Rudy said...

happy new year too zura

insyallah mun sik busy ada join kali. :D