Friday, September 25, 2009

Night Photography


Hello again

for some people, night photography might be challenging, but as for me, it is a good thing because I dont get sweaty under the sun.

Ok, maybe some of you, feel that “oh, night photography?.na, its hard i usually get blurry picture”

Even you have that IS, VR, OS Lenses if you dont know how exposure work you still end up with blurry picture.

Ok, here are guidelines for night photography for camera owner out there (DSLR or Compact)

1- Always bring a tripod. It is must have tools when you want to do night photography. If happen you dont have one, just borrowed it from your friends. If you dont  want to borrow one from your friend, well, get its a bit hard but hey it still can be done!.

2- If you dont have any tripod, find a stable place (table, chair etc ) that you can find to compose your image. just set the timer and voila!

3-Be Creative, yeah yada yada yada people always talk about this thing. I will say it short, be imaginative!

4-Crank up that ISO. dont be afraid of the noise, but if you wanted cleaner image use less ISO.hehe

Well, if you wanted to a long exposure (for DSLR owner) get yourself a tripod lah!

anyway, here are some of the shot that i took at waterfront Kuching Sarawak on the 6th day of Eid ul fitr here in Kuching Sarawak.


The Look out tower, I dont change the White Balance as the lamp of this tower is yellow.


Kuching Waterfront at nite.Here, i crank up the ISO up to 3200. This image still can be use.


The Astana where the Sarawak Governor live.


The New Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building

IMG_4342 copy

Same building, but this time with longer exposure.