Sunday, September 14, 2008

Buying your first DSLR (Digital Single Lense Reflex Camera)

A lot of people asking me, what is the criteria when buying first DSLR. In common, people always saying that "eh, I heard brand C is quite good go get one" "brand N is hot, buy lah" That kind of statement is more like fanboyism kinda of thing.

Ok, back to basic, I surely ask, why do you want to buy DSLR?. common answer is, "my friend got one lah" or " its a trend nowadays lah" etc etc. Come on People, High end Point and Shoot nowadays can match DSLR also lah, for example CANON S5 IS, Nikon CoolPix, Panasonic LUMIX and the list go on.

If you really wanted or seriously fall in love with photography for a long-long time not just for limited time only, you should consider a DSLR.

Here is is some tips that I can squeeze out from my brain for the time being. Just a thought to share aight!

1- Know your budget
How much you willingly to spend on DSLR?. if you have budget below 1K, got get yourself Point and shoot camera. Also dont forget the lenses. DSLR is useless without lense!. Roughly, if you're willingly to spend 4k and above, you will get decent DSLR that you can use for a long-long time.

2-Always read review
Nowadays, lots of resources you can find on the net about DSLR. I suggest to you, read and understand. make comparison after you read it.

3-Entry Level DSLR seem a good choice?
Previous entry model DSLR seem a good choice to start, but after a few month, years you becoming more and more advance and needed more greater DSLR to used. I suggest to you if you want to buy entry level DSLR, make sure it has,
a)Live View - essential to capture that lower angle. (Lots of new entry DSLR nowadays has liveview)
b) Spot Metering - most accurate metering to use in low light, indoor and etc. its worth it for entry level DSLR have this option.

4-Expansion and accessories
Check out whether the DSLR you wanted to buy has lot of range of accessories. for example battery grip, filter, third party lenses etc etc. Buying those accessories can add sales value to your DSLR (if you want to sale it later on lah)

Ok, after you've done now is the time to make those choices. Choices is yours and remember, have fun with your new DSLR. if you have any enquiries, just shout at the Shoutbox or leave your comment.


oon said...

sigek soalan bro:

DSLR ya apa?? larikkkk

bena2 ku sik tauk tuk hehe

Rudy said...

DSLR ya Digital single Lense Reflex

nya mpun lense dalam ya bunyi kecek kecek..hehehe..

renxokuken said...

wow.. nice tips..

tp for me, live view is not the important factor, sure it make life easier for taking odd angle pics, but how many times do u really shot from this angle.

another great feature to look at is bracketed exposure, so u can get a nice hdr effect later on. :) too bad mine sik da this feature.

then the image stabilizer, really makes life easier.

heard that nikon n90 is about to came out.. any comments heheh?

Rudy said...

renxokuken, smua kamera DSLR dan Point and Shoot yang hi end. nektok support bracketed exposure.

Image stabilizer advantage.mun xda xpa la juak. doesnt stop u taking great photos!

Nikon D90,

Good feature, CMOS sensor (i like it) everything u need ada dalam DSLR ya. cuma lense gik lah...