Sunday, September 14, 2008

Photography story

I still remember last year when first I bought my DSLR, one of the most admired work or should i say photographer that I often seen his work on the world wide web is Dave Hill. (

Dave Hill editing style is unique because, when you're looking at his picture, it look like some sort of drawing.In fact, a few forum that I read saying that Dave Hill using HDR when editing his image. hmm, that editing only Dave Hill knows it all, as it becoming his trademark.

Anyway, above is Dianty where we shoot her last year at Damai .2 lighting aka 2 speedlite left and right triggered via STE-2.

just wish had one more speedlite that day!.

p/s to get that Dave Hill look, you'll need 3 lighting setup or more. The Dave Hill technique relying a lot on good lighting setup and some blending editing technique to get those look.

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