Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How to Shoot : concert/stageshow/artist on stage

(Noh Lead singer Hujan band Performing Live @ Kuching 1st Mac 2008)

Everyone asking how on earth to shoot your favourite artist on stage while their performing.

All I can say is this.

- Come early
Get a good spot. {hint : if you're in the middle your picture look kinda bland}

-Check the White Balance
Adjusting the white balance so your picture will look good!

-Shutter speed/Aperture
Depands on the lighting and movement. I prefer use "TV" (time value) which only I adjusted Shutter speed.

-Tele lense?
Might come handy to shot closeup

-Spare battery and memory card
bring some spare. If not you will regret it later.

the rest of the thing, press the shutter and wait for the right moment.! always in standby mode.


renxokuken said...

how bout flash.. perlu kah.. or is the stage lighting is enough already..

Rudy said...


as we all know, its better tanpa flash, sebab flash ngaco sidak penyanyi/performer molah concert/stageshow.

Paling senang, pakei Manual, shutter speed make sure dalam 100 or keatas, ISO atau ASA tolak ke 800 dan bukaan apertur, depand dengan lense. paling bagus, 2.8 sebab work marvellously lam low light dan wait for the right moment lah.

stage lighting memang sufficient dalam setup diatas.

mun xpat juak masih juak underxpose, flash lah jawapnya..pi make sure x menganggu lah...